The Youth of Today at Equality Festival 2018

  • 31/10/2018

Nagging about today’s lazy and smug youth, is from all times. 2400 years ago Socrates was also picked on by Plato because the first’s generation was considered respectless and arrogant. Not that long ago Life magazine headed in 1968 about The Generation Gap: “Youth, sir, madam, has no idea what the meaning of the verb ‘to work’ is.” Time Magazine repeated that sentence once again 45 years later with ‘The ME ME ME generation’, which made some heads stir.

Maybe we are short-sighted but it seems that nowadays young people are far more concerned with large global social challenges. Or at least they seem to be much more preoccupied with social challenges, not in the least with global warming.

"The youth of today", Sir, Madam, if it even exists, is everything but lazy. We highlight six driven youngsters. Young men and women who lift their butt and let their voices be heard when talking about global warming, poverty, environmental pollution, the lack of a humane refugee policy, discrimination, the bankruptcy of democracy, education… and converting their outrage in real positive actions. Youngsters who are engaged enough to be the exception on the self-centered rule. Moreover exactly them that prove to be the elegant exception to this. The youth of today, Sir, Madam, kicks our ass at the Equality Festival.

With ...

Sabrine Ingabire (opinion maker MO* Magazine), Alexandra Smarandescu (president Vlaamse Jeugdraad), Rania El Mard (formerly president Vlaamse Scholierenkoepel), Samira Atillah (opinion maker and activit), Mohamed Barrie (social worker) en Alexia Leysen (theater maker and inspirer Dagen zonder vlees).

So happy and honoured some powerpul young witers and activists of The International Congress of Youth Voices (initiative by Dave Eggers, Amanda Uhle ...) kick off this piece of programm. They come from Sweden, Ireland, England ... and present their Manifest of the Future. More news soon. With Anika Hussain, Sean Farrelly, Sarah Sobkha ...

Panel debate at Equality Festival
Dansstudio Vooruit
December 15th 6.30 - 8 pm

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