Where does the Belgian Pride stand for and how did it arise? // Brussels Explained

In uw kot // online | Facebook Live , 1000 Brussels
Curieus, deBuren & The Bulletin

The Belgium Pride was supposed to march through Brussels in May. Due to the corona crisis the Pride was postponed. While awaiting a new date, former pride coordinator Alan De Bruyne talks about the history of the Belgian Pride, the ongoing fight for lgbtqi+ rights and changing societal views.

deBuren, Curieus en The Bulletin organiseren samen met journalist Selma Franssen een Engelse editie van 'Moeilijke Dingen Makkelijk Uitgelegd', met de focus op Brussel. Deze week praat Alan De Bruyne over waar de Belgian Pride voor staat en hoe deze is ontstaan.


Brussels Explained


deBuren, Curieus and The Bulletin joined hands with journalist Selma Franssen to organize an English edition of ´Moeilijke Dingen Makkelijk Uitgelegd´ with a focus on Brussels. And in these times of social distancing we can fortunately also circulate knowledge online. Every Wednesday in September and November we invite an expert to give a presentation on a complex topic, followed by questions from the audience moderated by Selma Franssen on Facebook Live. Each explainer will also be published as a podcast on the website in the week following each live session, for those who do not wish to use Facebook.


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